Matt Cleaver’s Ultimate Ubiquitous Capture Device


Sometimes the best technology is the simplest. Here's Matt Cleaver's take:

"….there are times when you just have to capture an idea
on-the-spot, and the most convenient way to do it at that particular
time is by writing it down. To do this, you are supposed to use your
“Ubiquitous Capture Device,” something you always have with you so you
can never miss recording a thought. I’ve tried different ways of doing
this, from carrying around note cards to scrap paper to moleskin
notebooks. None of my solutions thus far has been satisfactory…

Learn more at his blog.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to Matt Cleaver’s Ultimate Ubiquitous Capture Device

  1. Fred Berktin says:

    Matt Cleaver ia absolutely right and not alone. I carry these small notebooks on my hikes (I am a hiker) and write email addresses of people I meet on these long hikes, if I think we can be friends, and give them my email address on the conveniently perforated pages. I also carry few extras to give to some of these people to get introduce them to the wonderful world of Moleskine. Also enter pointers as reminders so that when I return I can enter a detailed log with photos in my “mother” Moleskine large note book.

  2. OfficeSupplyGeek says:

    Cant agree more about these notebooks, they are awesome and I find that I’ve become addicted to always having one in my pocket regardless of where I am. They have been a HUGE help in keeping ideas and reminders written down so I never forget anything. I did a short review of them a while ago over here if you are interested:

  3. Matt Cleaver says:

    Thanks for the link! Great website, by the way.

  4. I use a Moleskine for day-to-day notes and journaling, but for times when I don’t have that, I tend to shoot myself a quick e-mail on the Crackberry. Like your iPhone, I always have it with me, so it’s always a quick way to jot myself a note. Later I’ll process it into RTM when I go through my inbox. Perhaps some day my company will adopt iPhones over Blackberries!

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