Moleskine® Detour exhibition opens in Istanbul

Months of preparations have finally come to a conclusion as the much-anticipated Detour exhibition of Moleskine notebooks makes a stop in Istanbul, Turkey today."Detour is set to arrive in Istanbul on 22th May at santralistanbul. As its name suggests, Detour... Read More


Moleskine Detour update: Setup photos at santralistanbul

Imagine the anticipation, excitement and real hard work involved in mounting a Detour stop. Here are photos as crews prepare for the opening of Detour Istanbul on Friday, May 22. On the venue: santralistanbul "Conserved and turned into santralistanbul by... Read More


Video: Inge Feltrinelli and Moleskine

An interview with Inge Feltrinelli, widow of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, an Italian publisher, who was also a photographer in the 50s-60s. Interesting photos of Hemingway. English subtitles are available. Manually turn on by clicking on the "CC" button – it gives... Read More


Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing opens

From Alan G. Artner art critic of the Chicago tribune: "From the outside it is clear the Modern Wing surpasses all the Art Institute's earlier additions as an architectural statement. From the inside it also is clear the place affords... Read More


Detour Opens Friday, May 22 in Istanbul

DETOUR opens Friday, May 22 in Istanbul, Turkey. To be housed in a converted power plant called   Silahtarağa, the event brings together a diverse collection of notebooks by artists around the world. The Venue:The Silahtarağa Power Station (Turkish: Silahtarağa... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today we ask a question: "How you you integrate photographs in your journal?" Most are simply glued, even... Read More


Reminder: My Moleskine 2.0 Competition is on!

For those who haven't heard of it yet, Moleskine Asia has launched My Moleskine 2.0 Competition, intended to "celebrate the intimate relationship between life hacking digital nomads and the Moleskine notebooks." The grand prize includes a lifetime supply of Moleskine... Read More


Inspiration: myMoleskine

For those who haven't visited yet, myMoleskine gallery at is Above is a page from  "travel in japan : kyoto+tokyo" contributed by Isabelle Boinot. Submissions come from all over the world. You might even consider joining. Learn more. >... Read More


Topic: Where do you get yours?

Moleskine notebooks are available pretty much everywhere these days but if you have your favorite source, people are sharing them at our Facebook group. There's also a convenient dealer locator at the Moleskine official site,... Read More