Video: Inge Feltrinelli and Moleskine

An interview with Inge Feltrinelli, widow of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, an Italian publisher, who was also a photographer in the 50s-60s. Interesting photos of Hemingway.

English subtitles are available. Manually turn on by clicking on the "CC" button – it gives you the option of turning on the captions and they should appear in English. (See bottom right corner of the screen for the button)

6 thoughts on “Video: Inge Feltrinelli and Moleskine

  1. I would really like to know–are the pocket-sized notebooks more popular with men? I think it maybe more of a He-man, “Me no carry purse” sort of thing because the larger size will fit inside the vast majority of bags. Just curious.

  2. I enjoyed this video. Her comments and photo’s of Hemmingway added so much to the enjoyment of the clip. It also add’s a wonderful historical note not only about the writer, but about the use of pocket sized notebooks.

    Seems to me, it doesn’t really matter what book you use as long as you are using something that fits ones own requirements.

  3. That’s true too. But the main thing I would encourage young writers to do is just to have paper with them all the time. My nephew just rips out 4 pages from a yellow pad every day and folds that up and keeps it around. He writes all over it, then throws it in a drawer. And when he’s not a busy kid with too much else to do in the summer he can sort it out then. It’s a system.

  4. I imagine Aaron that you might never read something from last week. True synchronicity. ScottEVest, the perfect gift and just in time. He says to me a week ago if he had 1000 pockets it would not be enough. So this will be pretty great.

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