Challenge: The Moleskine Tower


Yoko Nakamuta from our partner site,, reports on a fun challange:)

“・・・I tried to pile my Moleskines lengthwise.The result is on the picture, 5 Moleskines. For the moment, this is a world record, maybe?
Welcome to try for a new record.(If u can update the record of this tower , Trackback please !)”

Takaya’s Blog

I had tried Takaya’s record, and finally, reached it! 6 Moleskines was very tough. This trial, called Moleskine Tower Trial, is very fun in a rainy season.


Takaya is a designer in Sapporo, in the north of Japan.
He is one of contributors to and designs this calender every months.

2 thoughts on “Challenge: The Moleskine Tower

  1. There on the floor are “Squared Notebook”,”Memo Pockets” and “12 months twin set”.All is size of the pockets.
    It was hard to pile all up 🙂

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