Commissioned Moleskine @ Gapingvoid


“Moleskine 42” 

Commissioned art on Moleskine notebooks by Hugh Macleod at the gapingvoid. Always the question:   how to access the rest of a good notebook when its framed but I guess if one page says it all, it’s worth it. 


Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist, who makes his living publishing fine art prints via the internet. His book, “Ignore Everybody” comes out June, 2009. Also known for his ideas about how “Web 2.0” affects advertising and marketing, after a decade of working as an advertising copywriter, Hugh started blogging at in 2001. He first started off just publishing his cartoons, but as time wore on he started blogging about his other main interest i.e. marketing. (more)

4 thoughts on “Commissioned Moleskine @ Gapingvoid

  1. I believe the issue is solved with a hanging frame set in the middle of the room and a Japanese moleskine.

  2. Back the book on a stable place, but don’t cover the pages. That’s what I managed. You risk the book to exposure. But it’s a book. It’s meant to be opened and looked at.

  3. Photograph each page digitally, then mount the book in a frame. Display a digital frame nearby that cycles through the images from the book…

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