Detour Istanbul Update: Altelye70


A fascinating example of the creativity shocased at Detour Istanbul.

ATELYE 70 PLANNING AND DESIGN GROUP has been established in 1970. Since 1982 Prof. M. Arch. Hüseyin KAPTAN is the chairman of this group. From 2004 Arch. Doğu KAPTAN and Arch.Yonca TEMİZKAN joined the group working on projects of urban architecture and interior design. The groups major areas of interest are: Urbanization (Process) of Rural Areas, Atelye 70 engaged in research, assessment and planning services for Turkish towns located in various geographical areas with (their) unique socio-economic and cultural characters. Planning of Growing Cities and Urban Projects in Metropolitan Areas – Planning of Istanbul Metropolitan Area. Conservation Plans. Planning of Tourism and Recreational Areas, Architectural and interior design for private and institutional clients.

The show opened on May 22nd and goes on through June 21st. 

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