Discussion: What’s on the cover of your CAHIER?


Crystal24 asked over at our Moleskinerie/FLICKR group:

"I know there are discussions about what's on the covers of people's moleskines, but I'd like to know what people who use cahiers regularly grace the cover of them with?

Also for people who use cahiers as to-do lists, etc. Do these get thrown away after or kept and does that impact what you put on the cover of them? .."

One of the responses, from Champignon came with a fascinating example (above). 

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3 thoughts on “Discussion: What’s on the cover of your CAHIER?

  1. The woman with this store, Champignon, has the most adorable covers on cahiers from Alice in Wonderland illustrations. I don’t know if they’re in stock now but this is on Etsy and they really are cool.

  2. I slapped an Apple logo sticker on the front of mine. I use it to keep track of my poetry and writing submissions.

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