Inspiration: Juan Berrio


This piece was done for the exhibition of Moleskines of the fifth anniversary of the bookstore Panta Rhei of Madrid. It features artists Juan Berrio constructing a fascinating house made entirely of paper with tile roof and everything.

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[Thanks Carol!]

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Juan Berrio

  1. I always wonder because I’m sure there are a lot of cool uses for the Japanese notebooks but I can’t ever come up with any. One continuous drawing. Like with the exchanges. Originally I thought the Japanese album was a Japanese and novel way to hold photos and business cards, it’s all folded together but it was almost like a wallet, I thought. I never would have thought of something like this but it’s REALLY COOL.

  2. I would never have thought of doing something with a Japanese notebook, This is amazing. Nunca me pude pensar de hacer algo asi con la labrieta Japonesa. Te quedo brutal.

    Saludos de Puerto Rico

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