Kevin Shannon: The World (bike) Tour


Biker Kevin Shannon left a note at our Facebook group about his project:

"Moleskine are very kindly donating a selection of notebooks to use on my around the world cycling expedition to raise £1 Million for Combat Stress…"

From his site's "About" page:

Whilst flicking through an endless pile of gap year brochures, i quickly became disillusioned with the idea of ‘taking a year out and seeing the world’. It felt as though to travel in this way would mean conforming to predetermined idea of ‘Backpacking’. I have nothing against this form of travelling, it just doesn’t interest me. I was looking for a way to travel that would totally immerse myself in the cultures of the countries i travel through. After a couple of months of trawling through the internet and going through numerous plans, such as using public transport or hitchhiking my way to Sydney and travelling to New Zealand on a freighter. Then i stumbled across a couple of websites about cycle touring and fell in love with the method of travel and so the expedition was born.