Molecovers, proudly made in California

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For those who want a cover for the notebooks, consider these offerings from a small grassroots company based in San Francisco, California.

For the traditionalist, the Black Molecover offers the protection of a cover, without sacrificing the standard look and feel that made you initially love the Moleskine® brand. It’s thin, tight grain, durable leather is sure to have your Moleskine® notebook looking the same, first day to last. Our covers are made of the finest quality natural leathers with handmade workmanship. Produced with no harmful chemicals, we aim to provide a durable ecofriendly product with simplicity, beauty and functionality built in.

About the company:

Our staff includes a group of travelers, leather artisans and Moleskine® enthusiasts. We love to work hard/play hard, but sometimes our Moleskine® notebooks have not been able to keep up. That’s where our Molecovers come in.