Moleskine in ‘Pinas

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Bradley Farless, who describes himself as an "American blogging about life in Singapore and the Philippines" shared his thoughts on his recent purchase:

"…yesterday, my wife and I bought each other one each, as gifts.  The one I got for my wife is an "Info Book" style Moleskine, with tabbed, labeled sections.  She's a fanatic for organizers and loved it.  I got the plain, ruled paper moleskine.  That's appropriate for what I want to do with it, which is record thoughts that I have that I can later use for blog articles.  I'm sure everyone has had a great thought or idea, only to realize later when they sit down they can't quite grasp it again.  This is my solution.

We picked the pocket sized versions because that makes for easy portability.  It'll slip easily into a bag or pocket.  The quality is really nice.  Each one is hand made, and comes with a defect-free guarantee that's easy to cash in on.  If you find a defect, all you have to do is take a digital image and e-mail it to a provided address.  They'll ship you a new notebook right away.  Quality and service are important to this company.

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  1. Thank you for your inclusion of a portion of my blog article here. If I might make a suggestion, I think it would be more appropriate if the link at the bottom linked to the post about moleskine on my blog, so your readers won’t have to dig if they decide to come take a look.

    Thanks again!

    Opps! Just redirected the link. Salamat!

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