myDetour Istanbul – Beste Miray Doğan


An interesting entry at myDetour Istandbul, by Beste Miray Doğan.

"My Moleskine project will be about the side that none tells about Istanbul; in fact mostly the way of my Istanbul. But the interesting part (I guess) is I will be writing, sketching or drawing with invisible pen; which you will need a ultra violet lamp. So when I end up with the Moleskine it will look good as new. It will seem like a really nice, new, book until you open the light and see the real thing; just like Istanbul for me."

Learn more about her works here.

The show opened on May 22nd and goes on through June 21st. 
Learn more about Detour Istandbul here.

2 thoughts on “myDetour Istanbul – Beste Miray Doğan

  1. It doesn’t say but I think this is a light that shines on a special kind of pen–like for money or handstamps or something, does anyone know?

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