Molecovers, proudly made in California

For those who want a cover for the notebooks, consider these offerings from a small grassroots company based in San Francisco, California. For the traditionalist, the Black Molecover offers the protection of a cover, without sacrificing the standard look and... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is "Where do you write?" This week's topic was inspired by the ongoing series of features at... Read More


Community update: Moleskinerie FLICKR is now 11,851-strong

We welcome EnricoBonilauri, our newest member at the Moleskinerie/FLICKR group. That makes us 11,851-strong as of today.  "I`m an Italian Architect, born in 1980, with a Master Degree in Sustainable Design. I lived in Germany and Australia, travelled in Europe, Asia,... Read More


Inspiration: Don West

Friend Joy Rothke shared this link of an illustrator she's been following: "…he just looks at me. The screwier I talk and mess with my voice, the more he cocks his head and ears. So…he either thinks I’m totally nuts... Read More


myDetour Istanbul – Beste Miray Doğan

An interesting entry at myDetour Istandbul, by Beste Miray Doğan. "My Moleskine project will be about the side that none tells about Istanbul; in fact mostly the way of my Istanbul. But the interesting part (I guess) is I will be... Read More


Stealth Moleskine Map

Ever tried unfolding a map in an unfamilar city? Ben Light's Moleskine hack helps solve the problem. "I entered the Moleskin 2.0 Exhibition contest. My idea is to use the fore-edge of the notebook. When you fold the notebook length-wise... Read More


Project: Fabric-covered Moleskine

Feeling crafty? Get some pretty fabrics, glue and a bunch of cahiers. This is how Blair in Seattle did it: "I love a pretty notebook. Here's one of those projects that time spent is nothing compared to satisfaction gained. Less... Read More


Update: Write In My Journal

Another entry in David's journal, a "beautifully cryptic" note from somebody in the neighborhood. Ruth-Ann works in a local bakery/coffee house/cafe. You know the type – cool atmosphere, expensive, but tasty food. The kind of place you are happy to... Read More


Michael C. Hsiung Moleskine Notebook Covers

The latest Moleskine notebook covers from Portland, OR-based Engrave Your Notebook is a creation of  artist Michael C. Hsiung. It features a playful leather cover for the classic Moleskine notebook called “Mermen." Also check out "The Periodic Table…" cover:) More... Read More


Inspiration: Juan Berrio

  This piece was done for the exhibition of Moleskines of the fifth anniversary of the bookstore Panta Rhei of Madrid. It features artists Juan Berrio constructing a fascinating house made entirely of paper with tile roof and everything. Visit... Read More