Discussion: What’s on the cover of your CAHIER?

Crystal24 asked over at our Moleskinerie/FLICKR group: "I know there are discussions about what's on the covers of people's moleskines, but I'd like to know what people who use cahiers regularly grace the cover of them with? Also for people... Read More


Special Editions: University of Leipzig

Moleskine has released a commemorative edition for the 600th yearof the University of Leipzig. Established in 1409, its students have included Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Werner Heisenberg and Angela Merkel, "For the Leipzig Jubilee, Moleskine has designed a special notebook, meeting... Read More


Inspiration: Alexandra de Lapierre

Simply Moleskine, an online store in the UK regularly publishes submitted photos and scans of actual notebooks. The most recent is by Alexandra de Lapierre, a stunning creation on a Paris City Notebook. Visit < More of her works, here. ©... Read More


Moleskine: The perfect sidekick

jekkvalle, b. 1993: "Computers were already around and I grew up with the convenience of the internet, mobile phone and IM. Everything and everyone were accessible anytime and anywhere. But along the way we lost our love for doing things... Read More


Custom Edition Moleskine project for Malba in Argentina

The Moleskine America  team recently completed  a Custom Editions and Publishing project for the Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In an excerpt from translatied article (originally in Spanish), the Moleskine team worked with... Read More


Opening at santralistanbul

More video from the opening of Detour in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday, May 22nd.  About Detour: Detour is a Moleskine project dedicated to culture and creativity worldwide that features internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and writers.... Read More