The art of being poodle and other Moleskine comics


A smile-enducing series of scans from the notebook of Mattias Adolfsson's portfolio at Behance Network.

From his website:

"Freelance Illustrator living in Sweden with Wife and two daughters. My pen is a Namiki Falcon fountain pen, with this I use American eel from noodlers ink, for coloring I use Watercolors…"

Mattias was featured in Moleskinerie, here.


4 thoughts on “The art of being poodle and other Moleskine comics

  1. Can anyone tell me, is this what it looks like when you use a scanner or is it from a digital camera?

  2. Not sure. The dog in the first book looks like he needs FiberOne. This looks like a digital camera job.

  3. They must still make them but it’s like the ones for writing your own music, you have to go farther out there into the realm to find them, and you can’t just find them at the store and maybe not at a particular website. There’s a guy on “skinart” nearly every day from here in NYC and he does a lot of drawings on the subway and prefers the storyboard even though he doesn’t actually write in the boxes, he just likes them in the background.

    I BELIEVE Mattias said in an interview that he prefers drawing in his own segments. He reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Is everyone checking out “skineart” and “urbanskethchers”? Really fun stuff every day. On skineart everyone is allowed to contribute and every day someone posts something really fun. Then people who have contributed a lot (like Mattias here) have their own link.

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