Update: Write In My Journal


Another entry in David's journal, a "beautifully cryptic" note from somebody in the neighborhood.

Ruth-Ann works in a local bakery/coffee house/cafe. You know the type – cool atmosphere, expensive, but tasty food. The kind of place you are happy to have in your city and want to tell everyone about, but you don’t want everyone to know it’s there.

Ruth-Ann is the kind of person that makes this type of local establishment work. She was friendly with everyone who came through the door and seemed to be a genuinely happy person.

Her curly blond hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail and her eyes were disconcertingly bright blue. Ruth-Ann’s story is beautifully cryptic.

4 thoughts on “Update: Write In My Journal

  1. I want to say thanks for linking to this website because it’s really a lot of fun to read.

  2. I’ve been watching this site for some time. It’s fascinating, and a fantastic idea. Wish there were more frequent updates, tho.

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