Dancing down the aisle

Totally unrelated but too fascinating to pass up, presenting the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance," described by Jill and Kevin Kheinz as "Our wedding entrance dance to Forever…yeah, forever."

It took place at a church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Video from YouTube
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  1. please keep our site free of such nonsense … don’t you have a cartoon channel or freak show in your state?

  2. At the reception, sure — yeah — great fun. I could maybe even be talked into this for the recessional. There is no mistaking the exuberance, enthusiasm, and celebration these people displayed. This has a place.

    But as the processional for the ceremony? Not in my church. They would have to find a different minister to officiate. I would not countenance the trivialization of this sacramental occasion.

    Call me a kill joy or an old fuddy-duddy. I’m okay with that. I’ve done indoors and outdoors, gay and straight, dogs as ring-bearers. That can all be done with some measure of decorum. You have to draw the line somewhere though. This steps over it.

    Thing is, the marriage ceremony is not owned by the people getting married. It is a communal function. That’s why we invite people to witness. There is plenty of room to personalize it without making it a narcissistic display.

    As much as I enjoyed the video, and I really did, it takes me well past “irked.”

  3. I think this was wonderful. The day belongs to the bride and groom. The dancing was not lude nor distasteful. I applaud the couple and their friends for making it an unforgetable day. To the nay sayers I say, you were not invited; to the couple, may God bless you wedding, may you have a long and wonderful life together and don’t forget to dance.

  4. I love this. Celebrate the union, don’t mourn it. Catholic ceremonies tend to be so sad and drawn out, as though you’re just there to be there and everything is so monotone. I love that they brought celebration into their religion.

  5. I applaud this couple’s want to spice up the same old walk down the aisle. I’ve been to many weddings, many of which are the same old song and dance. This wasn’t something that just the bride and groom enjoyed either, the audience had a treat as well.

  6. What a joyous way to celebrate their union! I’m Catholic and I’d MUCH rather go to this than a boring, drawn out Catholic ceremony where we’re reminded how sinful we all are!!

    I’m sure they had to look for a church and a pastor who approved this break from tradition but the dancing was tasteful and respectful! Good for them!

  7. Praise with Him with music, dancing and singing. This is a great and joyful way to start a life long commitment before Him.

  8. I think its great.. obviously happy and celebratory.
    chuck yes you are a fuddy duddy and if not for the bride and groom there would be no wedding..go for it I say..
    they will probably be married for a lot longer and happier than most..

  9. I only watched a part of the video. I don’t find it funny or amusing. Frankly I think it was annoying and immature. I’m not surprised that it received so many views, considering the mentality of the way society is today. Weddings are supposed to be elegant, not some rowdy drunken party with people acting like they’re on crack.

  10. Forget whether or not dancing is appropriate (and I believe it IS)… Rather, take a look at the lyrics.

    The singer is not talking about the wedding night when he says, “Tonight is the night you Join me in the middle of ecstasy, Feel the melody in the rhythm of the Music around you, around you Ima take you there, Ima take you there….” No, clearly the first verse is a song of seduction. Seems to be the classic, sexist vision of sexual conquest. To wit, the first verse ends with “So don’t be scared, im right here baby We can go anywhere, go anywhere But first its yo chance, Take my hand come with me.”

    The vision of Christian marriage is a forever-commitment. But “Forever” says, “We’ve only got one night.” Clearly, as in the vast majority of pop, R&B, and hip-hop music, the man is in control and the woman expected to follow. As the song says, “Just need you to trust me.”

    I don’t know how you parse the lyrics any other way. The song isn’t about marriage, or about God, or about a lifelong commitment.

  11. I’m pretty sure the couple understands the song. It was likely a choice for something they enjoyed dancing to/topical lyrics/etc. No one in the audience paid mind to the song, anyway, so if it was only partway fitting, the dance-ability seemed to benefit.

    I don’t see how any ceremony belongs to anyone but the bride and groom. How narcissistic is it ANYWAY to ask 50-500 of your friends/family/acquaintances and their dates to come and watch you say YOU want to spend your life with someone – someone a majority of the people on your side of the guest list (at least in a wedding of around 50+ people) don’t even know. A big fancy ceremony is just a huge, showy display that can be done with just as much legitimacy at a drive-through in Vegas. Doing it the most traditional way possible means very little, and if it’s not what the bride and groom (usually, though, the bride ;D) wants to do, then they shouldn’t have to. Besides, the audience seemed to enjoy this MUCH more than I suspect they would have enjoyed the same old march, with the same old slowness. That’s hardly narcissistic to get the family and friends to enjoy it a bit.

    And even so, if the wedding IS for the community, then it’s for /their/ community. Not for a bunch of people on the internet to call the way they choose to celebrate their special day improper.

    I also didn’t know that dancing around in a silly, harmless fashion meant you were drunken and on crack. My goodness – quick, someone tell Ellen Degeneres!

    To me, the couple that could do something like this while still IN a church and IN their formal clothes is one that must have tons of fun and be totally in sync with each other. They looked very happy with each other at the end. Good for them for doing something different!

  12. Also – if the wedding is for everyone but the bride and groom, then everyone but the bride and groom can pay for it. 😉

  13. lighten up… I’m totally christian, and I think it is fantastic. even my 12 yr old said, they are breaking tradition and it is great! who says we have to color in the lines to ‘be right’ or ‘fit the mold of what everyone else says we have to be or do’?
    No matter what the singer means, that couple can put their very OWN sincere meaning to it. they can cherish their vows and be loyal to one another, and their union ISNT based on one song….
    and yes, a christian marriage, starts with ONE night…….. one ceremony, ONE CELEBRATION! and— YES, one trust in each other… that song, just happens to be the male singing to the female… come on!
    frankly, its 100 times better than the old sad teary weddings! I can only hope and pray that God fills me with THAT DEGREE OF MASSIVE –CUP RUNNING OVER of joy when He sends me the one only He can hand pick!

  14. As an after thought, i’m wondering if you people ever smile, and if you’re truly happy,, living in your stiff-necked, prim and proper world where everyone has to follow the pattern that high society says you have to follow……… Hmm, bet your night of fun is playing chess and drinking your tea.!
    Ironically I was thinking today about how miserable people have to stereotype and snub their noses at people who arent like them, or at people who are genuinely happy!
    (btw, i grew up rich, and, I’d much rather be happy,,,, esp after I learned you can enjoy life, have morals AND be a unique, individual!)

  15. I was shocked to find that there were people who were offended by this! I actually had a tear in my eye watching it (but then I always cry at weddings). Jill and Kevin didn’t appear in any way to be disrespectful of the institution of marriage – far from it! It was a celebration of their day and the awesome thing they were doing in committing to share their lives together. I am an advocate of marriage and whilst respecting everyone’s right to their own opinion on its importance, I would sooner see two people joined before God than not, whether they do it with dancing or wearing their pyjamas.
    Do you honestly think Christ would care? He would just be happy for them.

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