Field Notes report new Moleskine diaries down under!

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Field Notes, a stationery blog in Australia has a post on the 2010 diaries now available down under. These range from tradtional daily diaries to the new desk calendar and a 12 set of colored mini-diaries. Exciting, exciting news as we head towards the end of the year.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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6 Responses to Field Notes report new Moleskine diaries down under!

  1. Christian says:

    Bougth my “Colors of the year” just yesterday! Great little things… 😉

  2. Sophie Brown says:

    I still think the volant colors really ought to be–just better. I only buy the black volants. But I was thinking about getting this for next year and I wonder what the inside looks like. I mean, I would really like to know?

  3. Sophie Brown says:

    I just clicked on the Link. That’s kind of cool. Also when they say “Check out the 2010 planners” you might really want to to do that. There’s more variety in the planners than I think any of us ever expected. I think I prefer the weekly or monthly format.

    I was in the Strand looking around at the planners. This one guy goes, “Whoo!” He saw the daily planners for next year which really all much thicker and the Page-a-day format is very traditional and a viable way to keep a diary (there’s no place where you have to list appointments and I can’t imagine anyone using them for that purpose. The Daily Planners (DIARIES really) are really nice and charming and they have them in the red and the black and I’d weigh in on keeping a diary in them because they REALLY ARE NICE. As it was I think this guy was hoping it was just this large and blank. “Planner” gives off a different vibe. And they have a company out there with diaries similar to this, red and green. They cost more and aren’t nearly as sweet.

  4. Christian says:

    @ Sophie Brown: The little colored books look inside just as the big ones – they start with your personal data, then a overview of the year and the next one, Travel planer und memos, Time Zones, Distances, Dialing codes etc. etc. … just like the pocket diary.

  5. Field Notes says:

    Thanks for the link, Moleskinerie. We love you guys too! We don’t have the foilios in Aus yet but our new diaries are pretty cool…enough to appease us for now anyway!

    Keep in touch!

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