Inspiration: “Dear Everybody”

A novel written in the form of letter, diary entries, encyclopedia entries, conversations with various people,notes sent home from teachers, newspaper articles, psychological evaluations, weather reports, a missing person flyer, a eulogy, a last will and testament, and other fragments, which taken together will tell the story of the short life of Jonathon bender, weatherman.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration: “Dear Everybody”

  1. This is like something off NPR, more in the line of This American Life. People using their everyday experience for journal entries and the like.

  2. I do think it’s more elegant and it could be made up as well. I liked it. Enough to watch it twice.

  3. I got a melancholy feeling after listening to this, yet was inspired by it at the same time. I will add as a favorite in my youtube account.

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