My Hero, Johnny Long


A tip from Joel Anderson:

"Here's something I think is very cool – Johnny Long, security expert and author of Google Hacking (and more) has relocated to Africa and is blogging his journey via (what appears to be) a Moleskine Cahier…"

Later revised with this note:

"Hm – on reflection, it looks like a pocket Moleskine, not a Cahier…"

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6 thoughts on “My Hero, Johnny Long

  1. If this is a pocket size soft cover he may have some issues with sticking it in a back pants pocket, hardcovers are better for that, more sturdy.

  2. “…blogging via a Moleskine”?! I believe that’s what we used to call journaling, keeping a diary, even keeping a memoir! 🙂 Funny how easily technology slips into our lives and the jargon assimilates into our lexicon. 🙂

  3. I don’t think the notebook pictured is not a moleskine.

    Too large a line on the top and fewer lines to a page than a moleskine.

    Anyway, I am attempting to write a journal. Though it would look funny because I write in bullet points. LOL

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