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The Moleskine® newsletter is here! Fans now have access new digital update, distributed worldwide, to explore what's going on in the Moleskine® world, from events to information about stories, artwork, sketches and writing created on the blank pages of Moleskine notebook.

The newsletter comes out monthly, with updates about the latest products and links, all related to our favorite notebook.

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5 Responses to NEW! Introducing the Moleskine Newsletter

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    I’m like, back up and hold the presses…I love my notebooks like anyone else.

    On the new Moleskine website, now instead of suggesting that you’re a nomad, the avant-guard, in league with Hemingway, etc.

    It says, Moleskine notebooks are “ultimately becoming an integral part of one’s personality.”

    I know it’s only an advertisement but does this bother anyone?

  2. Colin Edwards says:

    No, it doesn’t bother me because I am happy and confident in my personality. However, using Moleskines in public may send signals about one’s personality that can be misconstrued by those of critical and judgemental outlook. Just remember, we may be able to alter the opinions of others, but we must never pretend to know what they are thinking or to change those thoughts. I am neither geek nor trendy. Just a 71 year old Grandad who carries his Moly ‘cos it’s cheaper than a memory improvement course.

  3. Anthony says:

    I’m with Sophie B, as per usual, the statement on the site is simply poor, over-zealous, marketing.
    Bottom line: It’s a notebook. Not a meme.
    Thanks Sophie for your honesty.

  4. Sophie Brown says:

    That’s funny, memory improvement course…You know what I mean though, “If you drink Budweiser girls will want you.” Now it’s, “Use Moleskine and you’ll have a better personality…”

  5. JoHanna says:

    I guess I see that marketing approach as one that indicates that people who use Moleskine know quality and search it out. I didn’t think I was Hemingway for using one, and now I don’t think it embiggens my personality. Marketing is not a part of my consideration for using these wonderful notebooks. I just happen to love the way they hold up, the size, the paper, the pocket, etc. I would buy them even if they didn’t advertise or market them. I love the memory improvement course comment. How true. I am a 51 year old RN/Artist who needs that gentle nudge of memory enhancement. IF it comes through a notebook…..all the better.

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