New MSK Features


MSK has added 2 new features. 

1. There are new formats with graphics for use by non-English speakers.

It is now it is possible to choose different format to print (pocket, large, xl) and different shapes (standard, weekly, horizontal) for each format; beside, the extra-content will be paginated on the necessary shapes.

For those who prefer to customize their notebook, now it is possible to download empty template in all of our layouts (plain, ruled, squared, music, storyboard, weekly planner).

These can be printed, attached on the notebook and filled, so, for example, if you always wanted to have a couple of squared pages inside your plain notebook, or a music page on your ruled. These can also be used as extra pages on your journal. 

The weekly horizontal layout (available in pocket and large format) can also be used by users who want to plain/ruled notebook to have a planner.

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