Ray Mears Leather Notebook Cover


From Andrew, a link to a very nice leather cover for the Moleskin 'Cahier' range now being produced by Woodlore Ltd. of the UK.

"Two different versions are available; one with and one without a closure strap. The model with the strap features a Sam Browne stud fastener…"

The Notebook Cover comes complete with its own Moleskine 64-page lined notebook. 

2 thoughts on “Ray Mears Leather Notebook Cover

  1. Thanks, I have been looking for this very thing for the past year. Although now, I’ll have to be careful not to think it’s my checkbook and go to the store without anything but my doodles and notes to buy groceries! I just wish it came in other colors and having the pen in the back cover seems inconvenient. It should somehow be looped to an edge.

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