Sighting: “Musical Minds”


Our friend David Bogie sent screenshots and links to NOVA's "Musical Minds" mow playing on PBS.

"Play the video about Oliver Sach's visit to the functioning MRI lab. Oliver uses a red pocket Moleskine for his note-taking. In the televised version of this scene, the molie is incidental but it gets more screen time than in the online version…"

A snip about the program:

"What can music tell us about our minds? And what can our minds tell us about music? Finally, can music aid people battling severe neurological disorders? To find out, NOVA follows the BBC's Alan Yentob on an intercontinental quest—from New York to England and Ireland—to meet individuals like those chronicled in Musicophilia, bringing Sacks's latest work to life through their intimate and phenomenal stories…"

Lots of fascinating ideas and findings. To learn more, start here: Musical Minds, main page
Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Sighting: “Musical Minds”

  1. Colin Edwards says:

    Also spotted Moleskine notebook featured in current UK television
    commercial for Fiat 500C car, where it is one of six or eight Italian design icons. Sorry, can’t find it to insert here as a clip.

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