The Sketchbook Project 4


Shane Zucker sent this call for entries to the Art Coop's "Sketchbook Project"

We just launched a new one using larger Moleskine Cahier books and that we're looking for double the amount of artists this time. We'll be hosting exhibitions in galleries across the United States (Los Angeles, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Atlanta are all booked so far) and each visitor to the show will receive a library card with which they can "check out" sketchbooks to view throughout the night. Each sketchbook will be barcoded and cataloged, allowing visitors to choose what they want to look at via theme, medium, geographic location, name of the artist, etc.

About the project:

Currently in it's fourth incarnation, The Sketchbook Project exhibited in October of 2007 with 500 artists participating from around the world. For Volume 3, the The Sketchbook Project toured to 9 different galleries and venues around the East Coast, connecting almost 3,000 artists together through the project.