Renmeleon’s Moleskine on MTV

Wonderful news from our good friend Ria: "I got a bit of a shock yesterday. I got an email from MTV Playground requesting one of my Moleskine images – "Frida Celebrates", one of my newest ones – for their global events coming... Read More


Revisit: Doodlers Anonymous

More than doodlers with Moleskine. Fantastic creations from all over. the site’s “About” blurb says it all. “Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate our addiction, and like any other, we’re hooked. The need to draw, sketch, and doodle is constant. We doodle... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is "Creative Libation"    What is your favorite beverage to bring to the writing desk, a sketching... Read More


Thermochromic Moleskine

Wikipedia defines thermochromism as "the ability of substance to change color due to a change in temperature. A mood ring is an excellent example of this, but it has many other uses…" Apparently you can make thermochromic Moleskine covers, too.... Read More


Update from Moly X4

A video update from Anna Denise of the Moleskine Exchange group: "I finished my own Moly for the Moly X: International Moleskine Exchange Group 4 . Well over a year ago I started this group (group 4) with a story... Read More


Inspiration: Stray Poetry

Ezra Hilyer is a "self-confessed Moleskine addict".  "I blog about that from time to time, but my blog is about much more than that, it is poetry, fiction, song reviews, and musings about life, and creativity." "There are things slipping... Read More


Create your own moleskine sleeve

A reader sent us this link to Martice's colorful and customizable creations on Etsy.  "Create your own Moleskine sleeve…Just send me a palette and I will start knitting" Here's how she makes them Etsy... Read More


Idea: Moleskine cover wraps

Joel Dueck shares his technique for labeling notebooks in a recent post " I made some custom covers for my filled moleskines to make them easier to identify. They look much classier than the spine-writing idea. I had some very nice... Read More


Inspiration: Laura Gross

Laura is an illustrator based in Denver, Colorado who's big on birds. A quick browse through a rich portfolio of illustrations in her websites will give you an idea. From a recent post: "I have sketched some birds (surprise, surprise,... Read More