Create your own moleskine sleeve


A reader sent us this link to Martice's colorful and customizable creations on Etsy. 

"Create your own Moleskine sleeve…Just send me a palette and I will start knitting"

6 thoughts on “Create your own moleskine sleeve

  1. A notebook is notebook. Seems like there’s some movement to make a moleskine more than what it is. Again with the expense of this accessory you can buy other moleskines. What happen to the idea of writing on the fly? Carrying around a rough notebook battered and worn to show you’ve been somewhere.

  2. That argument may hold true to writers and travellers, but i am neither of those. I use my moleskines as sketchbooks, and i like to keep my drawings nice, clean and secure. To me this seemed like the perfect idea, i promote craft, have a sleeve with my logo on it and i can carry my pen along 🙂

  3. I’m going to have to agree with Harry Dean.

    It’s nice to protect or decorate your notebooks. But, I’m getting tired of all the people cropping up to do so. And, I’m tired of hearing about them all. I’ve seen $100 Moleskine covers, and I think that’s absurd. There’s hundreds of people out there willing to customize your Moleskine or an accessory for you, and it’s getting old. They hit a market, though– people who buy “more expensive” notebooks tend to be inclined to buy overpriced accessories ($100 covers, or engraved Moleskines, etc.).

  4. I’ve made a satisfactory cover out of those plastic sleeves you put in ring binders. Just cut them into a nice snug fit for the pocket cahier, added some cardboard (i got it from business cards). All I needed was the sleeve (I just used one and made two covers) scissors scotch tape and the business card. Very easy and cheap. It looks fine, and doesn’t add much bulk. The cardboard is mainly to protect the moleskine from damage from the pen, but also helps keep the soft plastic in place. Pictures here:


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