Inspiration: Moleskine Covers


f5 has compiled a bunch of outstanding Moleskine cover art, from etchings to prints and many other methods. The one pictured above was not attributed but it sure caught our eye.

"I came across some interesting cover designs for Moleskine. They were so awesome I had to dig up some more so I decided to make a post on some awesome cover designs. Some of the cover are handmade while others are prints and even laser! Every designer should sketch often as it’s part of a design process to get your ideas rolling…"

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Moleskine Covers

  1. Sizes: You can prove this with your own Moleskine. It is a normal person with normal hands holding a pocket size, with maybe a bit of wide angle photography thrown in for good measure.

  2. I think it’s a child because of other things besides the size, they just look like a childs hands.

  3. I was just trying it again. Even with fairly big hands I can position them just like this on a small molskine, I think most of the hand is positioned behind it sort of.

    What I want to know is that I couldn’t find the photos on F5 to see the covers theyre talking about.

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