Inspiration: Stray Poetry

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Ezra Hilyer is a "self-confessed Moleskine addict". 

"I blog about that from time to time, but my blog is about much more than that, it is poetry, fiction, song reviews, and musings about life, and creativity."

"There are things slipping away from me.

Little birds that don’t sit on my chair-rails; and a dog that never comes to me when I forget to call her. Maybe I should put the phone back on the wall… I think enough time has passed.

When the bell rings, I go down to see if there is anyone there, but there never is. I wonder if I should close the shop up early tonight?

All the trinkets are gone from the shelves, or they are drowning in their own private blanket of dust. Perhaps I will put up the ‘Closed’ sign; and take a walk.

The night is just a piece of sad velvet, afterall… " 

Sad Velvet by Ezra Hilyer


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