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Moleskine Cover is a blog that looks into Moleskine maintenance, modifications and covers. They hold a monthly contest among customers and this one (by "@apoltix" apparently won. This white leather cover is the first we've seen.

"The White Molecover is for those rebelling against the standard black Moleskine® notebook. Though it’s more fitting of city dwellers than road warriors, it durable, tight grain leather is sure to protect your notebook wherever you happen to find yourself…"

6 thoughts on “Moleskine Cover Story

  1. I would look out for things like this: If you buy a small Moleskine here, it’s 2 dollars more than you would pay at the store, and that’s before shipping. Is the cover worth $35, personally I wouldn’t think so. If you’re so hellbent on having a different journal cover wouldn’t you buy another journal? The most expensive (larger) journals in luxury stores are about the same in price. Sometimes these things seem an attempt at pretending notebooks aren’t notebooks but something more grandiose.

  2. I have a leather Mole cover I bought that I put my notebooks in. It was $35 or so, and for me it was worth every nickel. Mainly because my earlier/older notebooks looked like they had been run over by a truck, thrown from the top of the Grand Canyon and floated for miles down the Colorado River.

    Mine has a pen loop and a cover that allows me tuck yet MORE junk in the pockets.

    Too each his own, I suppose.

  3. I had really not thought about the idea that you might want to use it with the notebooks as refills. Which would make a little bit more sense.

  4. Also I keep thinking about getting one of the Moleskine Folios from Rickshaw bags. It kind of serves the purpose of keeping all your journaling stuff together, they even have waterproof bags but you can choose from hundreds of fabrics. They’re really cool.

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