Moleskine Leopard


Custom Moleskine notebooks have become collector's items around the world. Here's another example of these rare beauties.

"Every August the Swiss-Italian town of Locarno becomes the world capital of film for eleven days. Moleskine is on the spot as usual with a customized notebook, bearing embossed on its cover the Leopard, symbol of the Festival. The Moleskine notebook is the official present to the artists and guests visiting Locarno. It is also on sale at the Magnolia shop in Piazza Grande."

One thought on “Moleskine Leopard

  1. I wonder, does anyone keep these paper wraps and if so do they somehow adhere them to the notebook (maybe even for ease in telling them apart). I know someone who takes them and puts them in a safe place and then glues them back on later….

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