New: Pen-Sleeve


Position it! Peel it! Stick it!

Nathan Melicharek of Bay Stationery emailed us about a new product they're introducing which could be a nifty Moleskine accessory.

"The Pen-Sleeve® is a revolutionary pen holder that can be adhered to most surfaces. Now you can put a pen anywhere! Whether on a book, day planner, or in your car, also use it for your toothbrush, shaving razor in the shower, tire guage or screwdriver. The pen-sleeve® will give you that pen-holder where you always dreamed it should be."

4 thoughts on “New: Pen-Sleeve

  1. This looks pretty cool.
    The only problem I can see is that you have to use the pen that comes with?

  2. My question is, does it come off? It would really suck to have to buy a new one for every moleskine. Plus that would make storage a little difficult too.

  3. Still, the best and ultimate “pen clip” specific for Moleskine notebooks is the “Pen Clip” The only place I sew that carries it is through on line purchase (I have 2) is
    it is a Danish site. Caution: It is pricey especially when you order it from Canada like I have. But it is a must have Moleskine item and well worth it. PS it doesn’t stick, and it prtable from one Moleskine Note Book to the next.

  4. I have used the pen-sleeve and it works really good. The sleeve portion of it is flexible and allows for many different sizes of pens.

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