Tango Diva on MyDetour: San Francisco

Buzz is spreading about myDetour's stop in San Francisco next month. Here's a snip from Tango Diva, an online community of women sharing solo travel experiences: "As previously documented, I am a Moleskine notebook-aholic. I’m sad to miss this really... Read More


Sighting: Glenn Beck

From our good friend Leslie Russell, this report: ("Glenn Beck)…is a conservative radio/television commentator who is a huge 'skine fan. I routinely spot him with the little black book on television and have wondered if it was a 'skine or... Read More


Rerun: “How to Make a Moleskine PDA”

We've received quite a number of requests for the link to this previous post so we've decided to repost it for everyone's convenience. Brett at "The Art of Manliness" suggest ways to start your own Moleskine PDA: "Of all the... Read More


Right Pen for Moleskine?

The Pen Addicts recommends Top 5 Pens Off The Store Shelf "2. Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Black or Blue The granddaddy of all needle tip pens. It may not be the first, and it may not be the oldest,... Read More


Webfind: “Somethink Fun”

A whimsical drawing to start the week from a blog called ""Somethink Fun" by Mattias Macker who declares that his "blog is an exercise to come up with something creative and fun (almost) everyday. As a graphic designer and illustrator,... Read More


Inspiration: Joseph Fiedler

It is literally a Moleskine Facebook, filled with quick portraits. Rob Wittig shares the artist's preference for the notebook in this post at 24-07 Design Heaven: "Count me as another guy who has a weakness for the rounded corners, the... Read More


Sighting: Mike Singletary

Adam Machado alerted us to this photo of Coach Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers holding what looks like a pocket reporter. Check it out. Related link on Moleskinerie AP Photo/Jeff... Read More


The Write Place

A cozy couch, a book-filled office, a lantern-lit retreat. "Where I Write 'Fantasy & Science Fiction authors in their creative spaces" is a collection of portraits by photographer by Kyle Cassidy. I see pets! Must be a writerly thing.... Read More


Sighting: “Bright Star”

Sighting sleuth Rhomany sent in another report. Thanks!!  "I'm not 100% sure because it's such a quick glimpse, but in the new Bright Star video around 00:49, that appears to be a small plain Moleskine notebook she's drawing in.." Visit... Read More