Right Pen for Moleskine?


The Pen Addicts recommends Top 5 Pens Off The Store Shelf

"2. Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Black or Blue
The granddaddy of all needle tip pens. It may not be the first, and it may not be the oldest, but in my book it is the pen that all other liquid ink needle tip pens must go up against, and not one of them has taken down the Pilot Precise V5 yet. If you are a heavy Moleskine user, this is also one of the best performers for long journaling sessions…"

What are your preferences…right off the shelf.

18 thoughts on “Right Pen for Moleskine?

  1. I fortunately work in an office where these pens are a part of standard supply. These are great pens for sketch books and blank moleskines. I have found that a standard BIC round stic pen works best with lined moleskines. I pretty much use any pen available in close proximity. Also MICRON pens are great for moleskines though not a robust as the Precise V5’s.

  2. I am a fan of Uniball pens. I used to only use the Onyx micro pens in black, and then discovered the Signo line. I love the Signo 207 micro, but my favorite is the Signo RT 0.38, though I’ve only found those at Jet Pens, not in stores. The black, blue-black and violet-black colors are particularly nice in a Moleskine.

  3. I have a Retro 1951 Tornado fountain pen with the medium nib. I use Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue and it does bleed through my hard cover Moleskine a little bit–but not enough that I care. Interestingly, I found that the same fountain pen and ink does NOT bleed through the cahiers at all.

  4. I tried these, but the flaky quality of the moleskine paper makes it so that sometimes these pens work great, and sometimes they feather and bleed through. most of the time they bleed through, which is a real shame, considering the high price of moleskines, and their supposed quality control.

  5. I have used a Montblanc LeGrand (Extra Fine nib) and Parker Duofold (Fine nib) wit my Moleskine for over two years. Montblanc Black ink seems to work best with these pens. Also, had success with a Pelikan M200 (fine) with Noodler’s Legal Lapis.

    Pilot P-700 and the Precise V5 are also near-perfect. I prefer these to the Signo Micro 207 (OK) and Uniball’s Vision RT (I hate)

  6. I have had great success with the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens.

    I also have enjoyed using my Retro 1951 Double Eight that I use Private Reserve ink with that is also outstanding in my notebooks.

  7. I have found that the Staedtler pens better than the Precise. The roller ball is much smoother and the ink wetter. You do have to be careful as it has the potential to bleed through and they are picky on recycled paper.

  8. The V-5 Precise is gold in Moleskines! I’m infatuated with their blue.
    The V-Ball Grips are nice, too, and all the recycled versions in the Be Green line write the same as their non-recycled counterparts:)

  9. I love my V-7 pens! Although, they are a bit thick… :\ I will definitely have to try the V-5’s! 😀

  10. Question to all the V5 Pen users! Do they bleed through to the other side of the paper in say a lined moleskine? Because the only pens I use at the moment are ballpoint pens.

  11. A little, but not terribly. Certainly more than a ballpoint, but much less than pretty much any other rollerball I’ve ever used:)

  12. It doesn’t bleed through as much as I thought it would! A couple tiny dots, but I can barely tell.

    I’m also very fond of the TUL needle tip gel pens.

  13. The Pilot V5 is, of course, an excellent choice. But I have been favoring the Pilot V Razor lately. It’s a felt-tip, but the tip is reinforced so it has a straight, rod-shaped ink-applicator, like a pencil lead (not one of those old-fashioned conical felt-tips, which I hate).

  14. When I got my first Moleskine as a gift from my mentor in High School he told me never to use anything other than a Zebra F-301 or at the least an ultra fine Pilot G2 (if your feeling childlike that day).

  15. I have tried Microns, Pilots, Varsity, etc. So far, the older Pilot Vball Extra Fine (BG05) allows the smoothest flow and cleanest line for me, althought the Razor II and Micron 03 work ok. The Uniball Eco is fine, but not dark ink enough for me.

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