Bienvenue: City Notebook Paris

The latest Moleskine City Notebook is introduced in a gorgeous new video at the Moleskine Official website.

"An "interactive" map to explore the ville lumière. A city index to find the boulangerie you wanted to visit again. Stickers to note down your own categories and not to miss an exhibition at the Beaubourg. Blank pages to sketch Eiffel Tower silhouette.."

One thought on “Bienvenue: City Notebook Paris

  1. Have they released an updated edition? The Paris city book has been around for a couple of years, it’s not “the latest.”
    But that is one question I have about these books in general– the lack of restaurant/hotel/etc listings makes them unlike other travel books that have to be updated frequently, but I wonder if there may be changes to the maps and transit info that would require an update every couple of years?

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