Commonplace Books


Fascinating post from Neatorama about commonplace books.

"Artists use sketchbooks to store ideas for future use. Bloggers have folders of bookmarks. And some authors keep notebooks or “commonplace” books.

One well-known author recorded “ideas, images, & quotations hastily jotted down for possible future use… for the most part they are merely suggestions or random impressions designed to set the memory or imagination working. Their sources are various—dreams, things read, casual incidents, idle conceptions, & so on…”

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Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Commonplace Books

  1. Harry Dean says:

    That’s pretty much what most of my moleskines look like once I’m done with them.

  2. Harry Dean says:

    This notebook possibly belonged to HP Lovecraft. Amazing.

  3. Adam T says:

    Evil Note book of Death not Lovecraft its shinigamy notebook and i will have it 😀 And riding on my bike upgraded at i will change the world (if sb dosent know what the heck just watch death note )

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