Did You Know 4.0


From Parker Lee, Vice President for Marketing & Business development @ XPLANE  The visual thinking company | www.xplane.com:

For years we have witnessed the enthusiasm around XPLANE-produced, "Did You Know? 2.0"– a viral video that shows the constant global shifts in education and speaks to the importance of preparing young people to thrive in today's world. Since releasing the video in 2007 it has enjoyed more than 3.6 million views. Today, after much demand, I am thrilled to share with you "Did You Know? 4.0." The four and a half minute video visually informs about the brave new world of social media and newfound communication technologies, which have forever changed the media landscape. 

"Did You Know? 4.0" was created largely by the same team that brought you version 2.0 but with some welcomed additions, namely a partnership with 
The Economist which will show the video at its Media Convergence Forum in October. Spurred by rousing public interest, XPLANE, The Economist, Scott McLeod,Karl Fisch and Laura Bestler developed a piece with compelling facts and statistics and of course a unique and clear design that visually depicts the information in a way that is understandable and intriguing to the viewer. 
Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to Did You Know 4.0

  1. Colin UK says:

    And the moleskine connection is …???



    We occasionally cover other themes that may be of interest to our readers.


  2. Johnny says:

    I “love” when people tell you how to run your own website. 😛

  3. thanks – that was pretty fascinating!
    (i like it when you occasionally cover other topics)

  4. discuss says:

    People have said this for years (decades), and the mobile device still is not primary. Why? Because it’s faster to type on a normal sized keyboard, and the processing power is faster. Mobile devices are clearly used a lot, but for long tasks, we still venture to the desktop/laptop.

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