Digital Moleskine?


We received multiple alerts on this, supposed details of the "Courier," Microsoft's new tablet computer.

"Reportedly, the device will also feature a built-in camera, Wi-Fi capability, and a hinge in the middle of the two side by side 7 inch screens, allowing it to fold up like a digital moleskine."

Well, it does look familiar.


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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6 Responses to Digital Moleskine?

  1. HR says:

    Oh wow.
    That’s really all I can say.
    It looks like a Moleskine.

  2. gsuveg says:

    more one thing what Microsoft is stolen…

  3. Ali S. says:

    The familiar orange coloured paper strip does look oddly familiar! I think I wouldn’t mind seeing a working prototype first…but I will still use the paper bound product thank you very much!

  4. Vivian says:

    As a tech freak at heart, I am sold. I want one so badly it’s not even funny.

  5. moleskine says:

    A digital tablet is to Moleskine as an e-book is to a real book.
    You can use both “devices” for the same purpose, but both still have their benefits and flaws. They don’t compete. It’s like comparing a cell phone camera with a Leica– no comparison.

    We use notebooks because they’re simple paper. You don’t have to charge them or back them up or wait for them to recognize your handwriting.

    P.S.- I want the Microsoft Tablet. NOW.

  6. Wil C says:

    I love my Moleskine always, but I’m with Vivian on this one. I want one of these yesterday. That way I can use my Moleskine exclusively for art and transition my GTD and Calender systems to Courier. Of course, knowing Microsoft they are going to absolutely masticate the idea the video presents and expectorate it in our faces just because they think I can. I apologize, I am still bitter over Vista. Perhaps this will be the idea/product that ties us all back to Microsoft and enables me to stop having Google/Evernote/Jott and all of my other services linked together through my weekly review. One Notebook to Rule them all. My goodness, that’s so nerdy I want to smack myself in the head with a large thesaurus (yes, I have a large thesaurus…where else would I be able to look expectorate up at?).

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