Moleskine + Fountain Pen


Looks like J. Herbin's "La Couronne du Comte" plays well with Moleskine, per Inkyjournal's review:

"tried this color in my Montblanc 146 and my Pelikan M1000. In both pens the ink writes smoothly. With great flow and no hesitating. Drying time on Moleskine paper is about 20 seconds."

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    3 thoughts on “Moleskine + Fountain Pen

    1. Inkyjournal specifically says that they cannot call this ink “Moleskine friendly”, citing bleed-through problems.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I took it that the author was referring to the “J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier” as having the worst bleed through per placement of captions in the illustrations. – Team Moleskinerie

    2. “La Couronne du Comte” is where the reviewer said they bought the ink. The ink reviewed was Herbin’s Rouge Caroubier.

    3. Thanks for this site! I’ve been pouring over it ever since it was put up. Never knew that there were so many different types of inks out there! 🙂

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