Moleskine in class


Range (in Quebec) is trying out Moleskine to keep notes in class.

"After asking around to see what was available, I finally bought a Plain Soft Notebook – Extra Large (19×25cm), which is almost 8.5×11″, standard school sized paper. I was going to buy one for each class, but they are just so expensive here, about twice the price in the US. I think I’ll get them online. There’s no point in wasting that much money on these. I’ll try looking around to see if I can buy them cheaper, but I doubt it. Actually, you can get one like that for $13 on Amazon. The list price is $20. I paid $25."

More at his blog, "Memoirs on a rainy day"

2 thoughts on “Moleskine in class

  1. You could try the Cahiers. They’re not as thick, about 60 pages I think, and you get three per pack. Seems a little more usable for classes.

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