New Moleskine 12 months – Project Planner


For those who want to have an overview on their projects and expand their creative space, consider the new Moleskine Project Planner.

The new Project Planner

has two layouts for planning and tracking long-term and short-term projects. It contains one sheet of heavy-weight paper with all year planning, folded into 54 accordion pages. Also inside, a section providing useful information. This Moleskine planner is thread bound and has a soft cover with rounded corners, acid free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket that contains the Moleskine history.

4 thoughts on “New Moleskine 12 months – Project Planner

  1. I have just experienced my first failure of a Moleskine, I am on my 3rd year of x-large soft cover weekly notebook diaries and the binding has failed with 3 months to go, how dissapointing is that ? maybe I could get a replacement ? (Moleskine are you listening?) I have already got my 2010 version so lets hope that lasts the year !! Maybe my glue repair will last.


  2. Unique, but I’m not sure that I see the use?

    Why sketch out projects like this? Wouldn’t software or office charts be less tedious?

  3. Hi:

    To moleskine. In fact I’m changing the software I use for managing projects (FlexTeam for Mac OS X) for the Moleskine project diary.

    Two reasons:

    1.- Portability: I can carry the planning of all my projects in my shirt pocket. I can’t say the same about my computer or even my iPod Touch who doesn’t have yet a proper software for project planning.

    2.- Flexibility: I can make changes in my projects on the go. As a freelance journalist, I receive assignments during the day and sometimes in places without acces to WiFi. I need to see immediately the time slots I’ve got available, so this planner has solved a problem I had despite my efforts to solve it trough technology.



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