Interviews: Detour Tokyo ついに開幕


Our friend Yoko from sent links to video interviews conducted at the recent opening of the Detour exhibits in Tokyo. has two authors' interviews at the opening party.
Both interviews has uploaded in Japanese only, but they're very interesting.;jsessionid=0a0106521f43ba013e7c729647d4ad09e6c2fce20d64.e3eSc34RbhyRe34Pa38Ta3aLbh50

Erina Matsui is a Japanese artist.
Her profile and Moleskine details are here.
 According to her interview, she expressed her passion for Axolotl.
Her moleskine tells a story of Axolotl's dream.

Naoki Yoshimoto is a Japanese artist.
His creation,YOSHIMOTO CUBE, was included in the MoMA's permanent collection.
According to his interview, Japanese album is his favorite one to experiment.