Moleskine in the Süddeutsche Zeitung


 Curt Dalaba sent us this link to a recent article on Moleskine at Süddeutsche Zeitung. In German.


4 thoughts on “Moleskine in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

  1. Hello,

    This story is more that “a little critical” – it basically goes on at length about how Moleskine owners are poseurs, how they have all been duped into believing a marketing lie, spend too much money, and, of course, the whole thing about how the aren’t made in Italy (the horror!) but made in China (like 98% of everything on this planet)and Moleskine users are either too blind to realize it or too stupid to care.

    It’s not positive at all – I would remove the link.

  2. Of course you are right. I brought it here -amongst friends of moles- mildly.

    But when one journalist is writing we are all fools I tend to turn things around 😉

  3. i started using Moleskine notebooks about 4 years ago, and i was knocked out by how durable they were! back in early 2006, i forgot and left one on the roof of my car one afternoon, and after falling off the roof of my car and getting run over by at least a dozen cars, it was still intact — scratched and battered, but still completely usable.

    back then, i was buying the hardcover notebooks 3 at a time, so my next major Moleskine purchase wasn’t until the middle of 2007. the first time i dropped one of the new ones, i noticed the spine had detached itself from the cover, which surprised me. but then i noticed they were no longer made in Italy, but in China (one of the reasons i first decided to try the Moleskines was the fact that they were just about the only journal on the bookstore’s shelf that wasn’t made in China).

    if the quality of the product hadn’t gone down while the price went up, i wouldn’t have batted an eyelash, but the idea of paying as much or more while getting a clearly inferior product annoyed the hell out of me. i don’t mind paying a little extra for a product made in a place where people make decent wages, but to pay those prices so the Moleskine folks could slash labor costs and quality was too much for me.

    i didn’t buy Moleskines because they were cool or because they projected an artistic image; i bought them because i believed they were high quality products, and they were. unfortunately, that’s no longer true.

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