Okay, so there’s a little truth to this…


Leslie S. sent this link, noted, "Okay, so there's a little truth to this…"



4 thoughts on “Okay, so there’s a little truth to this…

  1. I must find a way to include this quote from the article into a conversation today:

    “…asking a mere mortal sitting nearby to watch his literary accoutrements, and then prancing off to the Starbucks powder room, light as a feather.”

    There’s a little truth in everything, isn’t there?

  2. Very good. I have been an Onion reader since shortly after they started in Madison, Wisconsin. They remain one of the very few high quality satire publications left.
    I think they have captured the core of the advertising message of the brand.
    (yes, I am a user since they appeared in the U.S., and a user in spite of the brand’s “message”). I hope the pocket size notebook will survive as the company Jumps The Shark.

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