Out with the old


Fall is a poignant time for many, finishing one notebook and moving on to another makes it even more so for some. Dave shares his thoughts.

"…It's time to retire one notebook and christen another.

It's a bit odd, I'm sure, but I feel a bit nostalgic when it's time to start a new journal or notebook. It's similar to how I feel whenever I've moved to a new home. I look around the old apartment and I get a pit in my stomach thinking about how this is the place where so much of life happened. Memories, mistakes, happiness, inspiration. It's been a refuge, a companion and a comfort. It's all right there and I'm turning around and closing the door on it."


5 thoughts on “Out with the old

  1. A fresh start! New ideas and the consequences of writing the wrong thing on the first page then looking back and thinking ‘what did I write this for?’ When I start a new notebook I open to a random page then attempt to write knowing that I’ll forget about it and it will be a surprise later on.

  2. I am two pages away from filling my third soft cover Plain Notebook. And each time I fill a Moleskine (and I can remeber feeling the same while growing up), I get a bit sad.

    Even after I move onto a new journal, I find myself carrying around the latest journal I have filled until I feel the new journal can stand on its own.

  3. Mmmm. There’s nothing like a new notebook, any time of year. I, too, carry my old one around for a short while, but that’s because I use it for work need to refer back to it on occasion.

  4. First – Uncomfortable….nervous….the blank page…the blank canvas 🙁
    After first ink marks go down….relieved…happy…hopeful..new ideas start to flow 🙂

  5. I am close to completing another MS to close out 2009. Had my third interview for a prospective job and hope to be re-employed by January. I want to start a new journal writing about it.

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