This might as well be Discovery Monday on Moleskinerie.

The blog "These Curious Days" traces the beginning of a love affair with Moleskine at a place called "Paper Tiger"..

"I’ve been perfectly content with it through the years. Though most people find the price steep, it more than pays for itself for the feeling of confidence and reassurance I get everytime I write in it — it feels like greeting and confiding to an old, trusted friend everytime I write in a Moleskine. If stationery can become a safe haven, Moleskine would be my mandala…"

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  1. I’m excited to read about someone’s introduction that has a much more positive way of looking at things than I do. My mother bought me my first notebook after she got sick of me writing on every scrap piece of paper I could find. It wasn’t a Moleskine and the pages ended up falling out anyway. So now I have a Moleskine and rely on it for everything from lists to stories.

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