UnCrated: Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio


"Wet weather is forecast to persist over the eastern USA on Friday as a strong system continued tracking through the country"

Our favorite notebook should be warm, comfy and dry this winter in the Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio.

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10 thoughts on “UnCrated: Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio

  1. These are nice, but I’ve never agreed with the price that Rickshaw has deemed “reasonable” (on this product or anything else they produce). Charging $50 for something like this is unreasonable at best and a bit cocky.

  2. I agree their bags are pricey but I think $50 for the folio is reasonable. You pay more for specialty items like that. I have one and after using if for awhile I think it was well worth it. It’s hard to tell from pictures but when you’ve got one in your hand you can see how well thought-out and carefully it’s constructed. It’s a clever product and I really like mine. Maybe once the company has been operating for a few more years the prices of the bags will drop because I’d like one.

  3. I suppose priorities are different for different people, but $50 for something that is essentially a fancy Trapper Keeper doesn’t make much sense to me. This could be sold for less, but I guess Rickshaw discovered they could sucker people into paying much more than the item was worth.

  4. I was one of the “Lucky 13” to get a pre-production model to test out. My folio has burberry raincoat fabric. It’s well made, durable and will last a hell of a lot longer than a trapper keeper. If you are an enthusiast and are looking for something that will protect your high-quality Moleskine and is durable enough to outlast it many times over, then I think it’s a good investment. People who will shell out $12.00 for a good notebook which some would say is a glorified composition notebook can surely understand that the quality of the product is also very important. I have no complaints with mine.

  5. The quibbling over price not consider value. Rickshaw products are beautifully hand-crafted in America. Not to go all jingoistic on y’all but that means much to the people employed at the Rickshaw manufacturing plant.

    Personally, I am interested in leather covers for my notebooks and after watching them made by a skilled craftsman, I would have no problem at all paying $60 or more for them.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: One of the leather molie covers I own was a freebie from Gfeller’s Casemakers in Meridian, Idaho, partially in recognition of the video I produced for their company.

  6. After carefully reading the blurb on Rickshaw’s site, I’m not sure “waterproof” is a valid claim. Waterproof means water will not get in. Not at all. Not through the fabric and not through the seams and not through the zipper. You must be able to dunk an object in water for an extended period of time and observe absolutely no leakage before an object can be called “waterproof.” There are waterproof zippers used on waterproof clothing but Rick makes no statement about their zipper’s waterproof status.
    I yanked this from a waterproof GPS case mfr site:
    > Next they were tested for waterproofness. All complied with IPX7 which covers temporary immersion. Then they were tested to the most demanding standard of all – IPX8 – meaning 30 minutes continuous immersion at a depth of 10 metres = 33 feet.

  7. I treated myself to one because my Moleskine is my daily notebook. I thought it would be useful to have something to keep it, my pens, and all of the things I stuff into my notebook all in one place.
    I knew it was a pricey luxury when I ordered it but it’s not like I buy things like folios everyday. If you’re an enthusiast it’s a neat product and it’s fun to treat yourself once and awhile. If that makes me a sucker, so be it.

  8. I’m sorry.. but this is basically shabby plastic and fabric, and definitely not waterproof.

    Are you telling me if this was dumped in a pool the interior would not get wet? I think not! The correct wording for this is “water resistant”. I’m with you Patricia, looks like a glorified Trapper Keeper.

    Trapper Keepers may look nice when you buy them, but before you know it, they get crud built up, tears, and fall apart. If anything, I would purchase a leather cover, because it will at the very least still look like a Moleskine and age well. No matter what folks, this will not “waterproof” your Moleskine, so there is not reason to sport a hyped up Trapper keeper.

    Personally, all of these positive responses look a little suspect to me. Rickshaw.. I’m watching you!

  9. I cannot speak to the waterproofing of the folio, but I’m rarely journaling or taking notes in an environment where submersion in water is a likelihood. I would imagine that if you’re looking for a waterproof poduct, there are others out there. I will stand by my earlier comment that it is a quality product. I would also direct you to their statements about sustainability and lowering their environmental impact. And for the record, I am not an employee of Rickshaw bags nor was I prompted in any way by Rickshaw to post here. I even had to pay for the pre-prodction model I was given.

  10. I’m not an employee of the company either. They’re based in San Francisco and I live in the great white north (which is white and feeling very northerly right now!). I respect everyone’s opinions here – I just wanted to contribute that I happen to like my folio a great deal.

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