A Year in Color…Moleskine colors


Notebook enthusiasts are abuzz about the new Moleskine "Color-a-Month" planners – a set of daily planners with the comfort of a Volant. An individual Volant daily planner for each month of the year. 

The set for 12 months are packed in a gift box.


I have a feeling that it's not going to be long before somebody binds all 12 in a colorful, hefty bundle;) Let's see.

3 thoughts on “A Year in Color…Moleskine colors

  1. i bought these when amazon had them on sale for half-price. i intended to write or doodle on the dated page every day. but i will also carry around whatever journal i’m working on. since the monthly ones are pocket size, too much weight won’t be much of an issue. can’t wait!

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