Doug Gievett’s Writing Tips, the Moleskine Method


Useful tips from Doug Gievett on using Moleskine for organizing your writing chores at his blog.

"It’s easy to think that the rough draft of something I’m writing has to be prepared at my desk, at a pre-established time, with a singular writing focus, and without distractions. But this is the real world. I need a way to get things done, to exploit the odd moment, and to capture the serendipitous thought or thought stream. Voilá! The Moleskine…"


Part 2 is here.

2 thoughts on “Doug Gievett’s Writing Tips, the Moleskine Method

  1. Ah, the power of moleskinerie. As a long time lover of the ‘original’ moleskine pocket notebook your blog has encouraged me to try the cahier size … have just ordered a pack of three from amazon uk. Write on ….

  2. I do the same thing, except with the small notebook. Go through around 4 a year…that’s a lot of scribbling, note taking and false starts, writing wise. And worth every penny.

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