Eternal love, or glitter.


We stumbled upon this quaint post by Victoria Hart, on her new Moleskine. Here's a snip.

"I’m afraid it’s probably quite a letdown – I’m no art student, and my Moleskine isn’t a place for me to show off some creative talent…it’s simply a book in which I write little stories, memories, and inspirational quotations…with the occasional photo…oh and not all of it is my own writing, some entries are other people’s that I’ve stumbled across online and fallen in love with. …"

On the contrary, we think it is truly expressive and beautiful.


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2 Responses to Eternal love, or glitter.

  1. Nathan says:

    I put something like “depends when lost” there 🙂

  2. Britta Kirk says:

    cool! I’ve just posted an article on the moleskine at my blog, with photographs! i love them so much!

    here’s a link to the post if interested!:

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